SI double shaft ISO 6431 air cylinder

SID Double Rod Shaft pneumatic cylinder

SI series pneumatic cylinder is also one of the standard cylinders. It has Mickey mouse and Tie-rod two types. The bore size is from 32mm to 200mm. We have basic type, double-shaft type, double-shaft and adjustable stroke type etc. The adjustable cushioning in cylinder front and rear end caps, making the cylinder a smooth, safe and noise-free operation. The cylinder front cover has self-lubricating bearings, and the rod without further lubrication.

·Highlighted products for process optimization
·Completely according to ISO6431 standard
·All PU sealing system
·Strong guiding design with high concentricity
·Bronze bearing with much better lateral loading
·Strengthened cushion design, soft ending
·Double cushioning system
·2000KM loaded stroke life

Supply Chain:
·Japan or Taiwan area seal
·Germany Grease
·Strong aluminum material

SI Series ISO 6431 standard air cylinder

SI Series ISO 6431 standard air cylinder 2

SI Series ISO 6431 standard air cylinder 2