SD compact cylinder

SDA Series Compact pneumatic cylinder

SDA Compact Pneumatic Cylinder is Asian type compact cylinder. The bore from 12 mm to 100 mm is optional. As to the acting type we have double acting, double adjustable acting, single extend acting, single return acting etc. The rod side teeth within conventional-shaped teeth, outer teeth, toothless three kinds of connections. The crash pads buffer types effectively reduce the impact on the cover.

·Front/rear covers machined by All-in CNC machine, high consistency and concentricity
·Japanese anti-dust seals, better sealing performance and dust protection
·Threaded connection between barrel and covers with glue, easy and stable
·Special air cushion design, less impact from piston to front/rear cover
·Caps positioning machine guarantees front and rear caps locate at same horizontal position, easier to install

Supply Chain:
·Japan or Taiwan area seal
·Germany Grease
·Strong aluminum material

SDA compact air cylinder

SDA compact air cylinder