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MHZ air gripper

MHZ Series MHZ2 Linear Guide Parallel Style Air Gripper

According to SMC standards, Linear Guide Parallel Style Air Gripper MHZ2 and Angular Style Air Gripper Compact Type MHC2 .

·Integrated linear guide rail from Japan, high stiffness and non-return precision
·Horizontal CNC machining, high precision for all sizes
·Japan seals and Germany special grease gives the longer life cycle and performance
·Bottom of linear guide is fitted with a positioning pin to prevent shift between guide and body
·Centeral hole of fixing base on body is deeper, higher fixing accuracy and consistency of repeated positioning/dismounting
·Accurate positioning, more accurate and reliable clamping of workpieces

Supply Chain:
·Japan or Taiwan area seal
·Germany Grease
·Strong aluminum material

MHZ air gripper sheet

MHZ air gripper sheet

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