2W valve

2W type solenoid valve is one of the widely used series, lots of factories can workshops can produce this kind of valve, in addition, the selling prices are range from 5 USD to 40 USD, so why and how to distinguish?

1.  The materials: the standard 2w valve use the brass materials, however, some lower quality valves use aluminum materials and zinc alloy materials, the price can be lower 1/3 or 1/2, even if the brass materials, also have different materials gauge, like #56 #58 #59 brass materials. AIRKERT 2w valve all use the best #59 brass materials.

2.  The sealing or diaphragm: standard type valve use the NBR, one kind of rubber materials, working temperature up to 80 centi degree. For higher temperature using, we can choose VITON.

3.  The size: the big part of cost of valve come from the materials itself, so different sizes lead to different prices, AIRKERT have two different sizes for options.

4.  The coil: the coil play big role in the stable working of the valve, the good coils need to be braided by oxygen-free copper wire, also toasted in the oven.

5. The parts: such as screws, in order to prevent the valve from rust, it had better use stainless steel screws.

6. The machining precision: our standard workshop use the CNC center, much better than the hand tool machine.


The applications for 2W solenoid valves: water control, so called water solenoid valve, air control, so called air solenoid valve