Garden Irrigation 1 Inch Plastic Water Manual Solenoid Valve


Manual internal bleed operates the valve

Slow closing to protect the system in a better way

Non-rising flow control handle

Globe and angle configuration for flexibility in design and installation

Operating Range


Flow rate:2-150gpm(0.45-34.05m3/h)

Water temperature: lower then 43 centi-degree

Ambient temperature: lower then 52 centi-degree

Electrical Specifications

Power:24V AC 50/60HZ(cycles/sec)solenoid

Inrush current:0.41A(9.84VA) at 60HZ

Holding current:0.28A (6.72VA) at 60HZ

Coil resistance:30-39Ohms


Irrigation Solenoid valve is one of the most common using solenoid valve, main using for garden irrigation,  landscape irrigation, playground irrigation, agricultural irrigation etc.