When it comes to the price of the air treatment units, most of the dealers want the cheap price, today I will show you the good quality products with reasonable price.

Some snapshots and information about the workshop.


1. The mold making machine for the air treatment units, air fitler, air regulator, air lubricator.

air treatment units mold production

We can make our own product mold, that means we can accept the custom products requirements from the customer, just let us know your drawing or whatever you want, we can find the solution for you.

2. The ready product mold display for air filter regulator lubricator

air preparation kits mold

With these enough stock of the molds, we can produce many series of the air treatment units, instead of SMC series, FESTO series, AIRTAC series and so on.

3. Processing of the parts of air preparation kits

air filter regulator CNC machining

Air filter regulator lubricator CNC machining center

air treatment units parts

Primary processing of the production parts

4. Assembly of the air treatment units compressed air filter regulator lubricator

air treatment units assembling

Finally assembly working of the air filter regulator lubricator products

5. Paint coating of the ready products of air filter regulator lubricator AW series

air treatment units paint coating

Painting Coating Line

6. Testing of the ready products

air filter regulator testing

Final 100% testing for the air filter regulator lubricator

Above are just the main procedure of the production line, according to the different products and different orders, there will be more procedures added.

If you have any question about the compressed air preparation units, such as air filter, air regulator air lubricator, we can help you out, let me know.