2W Solenoid Valves

2W solenoid valves is one of the most popular 2/2 way valve in Airkert company. The uw solenoid valve zero differential valves have the thread size range from 1/8” to 2”.We started the production when the factory was established. We have two types material of these valves: brass body and stainless steel body. And the function can be normal close valve and normal open. With good quality and stable performance, this type of solenoid valve is widely used in many different industrial fields. Our output can reach 600,000Pcs per year.

Body material:Forged Brass、Cast Brass
Pipe size:1/8”-2”
Fluid Media:Water、Hot Water、Air、Gas 、Oil Etc

2W160-10 2W160-15 2W160-20  2W200-20 2W250-25 2W350-35 2W400-40 2W500-50

Water Solenoid Valve
Hot Water Solenoid Valve
Air Solenoid Valve
Gas Solenoid Valve
Steam Solenoid Valve
Oil Solenoid Valve

Working Medium Air,Water,Oil,gas
Operation Direct Acting
Acting Type Normally Closed
Orifi ce Size(mm) 16
CV Value 4.8
Port Size 1/2″
Operation Fluid Viscosity 20 CST Below
Operating Pressure Air:0~1.0Mpa,Water:0~0.7Mpa,Oil:0.9Mpa
Max. Pressure Resistance 1.0Mpa
Operating Temperature NBR for -5 ~80℃ and VITON for -5~150℃
Voltage Range ±10%
Material of Body Brass
Material of Oil Seal NBR or VITON
2D 2W Solenoid Valve Sheet

2D 2W Solenoid Valve Sheet