AC2000 AF2000 AR2000 AL2000 air filter regulator lubricator

AC2000 Series Air Filter Regulator Lubricator

Ensured Pressure Resistance 1.5MPa(15kgf/cm²)
 Highest Working Pressure 1.0MPa(10kgf/cm²)
   Ambient and Fluid Temperature 5-60℃
    * Filter Precision * 25 µm
 Recommended Oil Use Turbine NO.1 Oil  ISOVG32
  Container Material Polycarbonate
 Protective Cover AC1000-2000(Not Available)  AC2500-5000(Available)
  Pressure Regulating Range AC1000:0.05-0.7MPa(0.5-7kgf/cm²)
   Valve Type With Overflow