The great operating performance of the DCF Series Pulse Solenoid Valve reflects in: Sensitive and reliable signal, Low internal resistance, Large gas displacement, High airflow impact force, Stable working, and Long operating life.

The Technical characteristics of our solenoid pulse valve:

1. Vacuum treatment for solenoid coil to eliminate harmful impurities, it makes the pilot work more sensitive and reliable;

2. Orifice and unloading port match with the pulse valve, fast opening, and closing, so it increases the blowing volume per unit time;

3. Membrane: Effective bonding and Sufficient tensile strength, Reliable sealing, Great anti-corrosion, and anti-aging properties, we are the only company in China to use a high-performance diaphragm so that it ensures long-term operation reliability. The company which provides us with diaphragms also supplies diaphragms to GOYEN and ASCO valve, it's the same supplier. We guarantee at least 1millon times of service life(5 years).

4. We are using high-quality pressure springs to guarantee at least 1 million times of service life.

DCF Series Pulse Solenoid Jet Valve 3

DCF Series Pulse Solenoid Jet Valve

Specifications of DCF series pulse solenoid jet valve.

Connection port(G) 3/4'',1'',1-1/2'',2'',2-1/2'',3'', 4"
DN (mm) 25,40,50,62,76, 102
Material of valve body Aluminum
Working pressure 0.2---0.7MPa (58Psi--87Psi)
Working medium Clean air
Voltage DC24V/AC220V/AC110V/50Hz
Current 0.8A(0.05A)
Temperature -10.C--80.C (14.F--176.F)
The relative humidity of the air No more than 85%
Diaphragm life: 1 million times(5 years)