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USA DOT brass brake fittings elbow fittings straight fittings npt thread push in fittings

USA DOT Standard Brass Fittings Air Brake Fittings

U.S.A.Style fitting is used for PE and PA Tube. The surface color is brass color or nickel plated. The normal thread is inch tube NPT thread. G thread and PT thread are optional. It has many types which be widely used in all kinds of industries. It is a better choice when plastic fitting isn’t competent. Dot fittings are also used in the air brake system, connect the compressed air tube for the brake system.

1. QUICK installation, simple and flexible,space-saving
2. The tube fitting comes in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatic piping
3. Even after installation,the direction of tubing can be changed freely
4. The release ring adopts the ellipse design to make it more convenient and labor saving for disconnection
5. All taper pipe threads are pre-coated with Teflon with fine seal performance.
6. All fitting are equipped with the internal hexagonal holes.It is easy for them to be mounted in the narrow places

USA Brass DOT brake fitting air brake fittings push in fittings

USA Brass DOT brake fitting air brake fittings push in fittings

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