MSQ Rotary cylinder

MSQ Rotary Cylinder

MSQ Rotary table, SMC Standard, Integration of a table and a rotary actuator, Built-in shock absorber type or external absorber type selectable, with rack and pinion rotary actuator.

MSQ cylinders are the perfect choice for the material conveying system

·Gear rack structure, running smoothly
·Small rotation gap, good dynamic performance
·Double cylinder structure,double force
·Gear rack with special materials and heat treatment,longer life for cylinder
·High precision worktable ,easy to install and load,accurate positioning
·A through hole in the middle of the table, which can be piped
·Both sides of cylinder have positioning holes, easy to install and use
·Available with adjustable screw and shock absorber cushion,while the latter has 3- 5 times of cushioning capability than the former

Supply Chain:
·Japan or Taiwan area seal
·Germany Grease
·Strong aluminum material

MSQ Rotary cylinder sheet

MSQ Rotary cylinder sheet