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Flow rate adjustable nylon latching lawn irrigation solenoid valve IP68

Irrigation solenoid valve is one of the most common using solenoid valve, mainly used for garden irrigation, field landscape irrigation, playground irrigation, agriculture irrigation  and so on

Medium temperature:-5~80℃
Working type:direct current pulse type (N/C)
Body material:reinforced nylon PA66(German)
Interface:G thread    NPT thread
Working voltage:DC2.5~6.5V  IP67
Coil resistance:25Ω
Min current:190mA
Pulse width:≥10ms
Response time:open≤0.15s  close≤2s

Latching(normally closed)Irrigation Solenoid Valve



  • A manual internal bleed operates the valve
  • Slow closing to protect the system in a better way
  • Non-rising flow control handle
  • Globe and angle configuration for flexibility in design and installation
Characteristic 1. Pilot operated diaphragm structure, reinforced nylon.

Both normally closed and latching valve on optional.

 2. Double filtration anti blocking solenoid valve
 3. Full closed coil water proof
 4. Close slowly, anti water hammer
Medium water, air
Temperature NBR seal: -10°C to 80 °C
Pressure 0.1-1.0Mpa
Port size 3/4′-3′
Port thread G
Orifice 20,25,40,50,80mm
Voltage DC-12V,24V
Tolerance ±10%
Coils SE02B,8W,IP68,100% ED
L32B,DC6-20V,pulse length 20-500 ms
 Application  Widely  used in lawn irrigation system,like large area of lawn, gym, agriculture,industrial dusting,and water treatment.
Material Body- reinforced nylon
Seal- NBR
Amature tube-stainless steel 304
Plunger-stainless steel430F
Stop-stainless steel 430F
Shading rings- stainless steel 304
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