CY1B CY2B Rodless Cylinder

CY1B CY2B Rodless Cylinder

Why we call it rodless air cylinder? you can find out the answer from the shape of the rodless cylinder, the entire piece of stainless steel piston rod is surrounded by a slide block, the inlet and outlet compressed air in the both ends of the piston rod, when the compressed air flow is on, the slide block will move from one side to another, when you change the direction of the air flow, the slide block will move to other side.

The rodless air cylinder definitely have some advantages, such as long working stroke, the central stainless steel piston rod can be processed a bigger length, this kind of rodless cylinder is the ideal type for the where do not have enough space.

The typical application is for the printing machine, used for the screen printing machine arms up and down, stable working, flexible, high efficiency.

This kind of cylinder is the alternative replacement for SMC type CY1B CY2B CY3B rodless cylinder

How do define the good quality of the rodless cylinder?

  1. Materials: high standard stainless steel piston rod, such as SS316
  2. Magnetic Ring: there are some pieces of magnetic rings inside the slide block, it had better use the strong NdFeB magnet.
  3. Sealing: Brand of the seal using, avoid the leakage problem, and long working life, such as Parker, NOK
  4. Production precision: one vital points is to keep the inlet hole and outlet hole in the horizontal surface.
  5. Quality warranty: usually have one year warranty.

From above, you can see why AIRKERT can say our cylinders are the most competitive for your choice.