SLDF Solenoid Valve

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SLDF solenoid valves are normally used underwater, especially for fountain systems. The valve body is brass and s.s is optional. They are our star products. Many famous water treatment companies buy from us. The annual output can reach 200,000Pcs per year. SLDF solenoid valves also have the normally open option.

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Solenoid Valve 12V DC 24V DC 110V AC 220V AC


working medium:water

medium temperature:-5 ~ 60℃
working pressure:0 ~ 8bar (details see specification table)

working type:semi direct acting   pilot operated (NC)
valvebody material:brass  SS  PA66  cast iron

sealing material:NBR
interface:G thread   NPT thread   flange
Working voltage:AC220~240V  AC110V 50/60Hz DC24/12V AC 32VA  DC 36W IP68  H degree

SLDF SLDFS Solenoid Valve Sheet

SLDF SLDFS Solenoid Valve Sheet