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Pneumatic components are used in almost all industries today, and the demand for efficient, low-cost, automation solutions continues to grow.

Pneumatic components refer to components that perform work through the pressure of gas or the force generated by expansion, that is, a machine that converts the energy of compressed air into kinetic energy. Such as cylinders, steam engines, etc. It is a form of power transmission and an energy conversion device that uses gas pressure to transfer energy.

Pneumatic components are used in industries such as automobile manufacturing, secondary batteries, semiconductor manufacturing, liquid crystal, LED light sources, solar cells, biomedicine, medical equipment, food packaging, woodworking machinery, and process control. Industrial upgrading, the transformation of industrial structure, and the pace of industrial automation are accelerating, and the localization of the high-end equipment industry urgently needs a large number of new pneumatic components and related technologies.

pneumatic system design

Advantages of pneumatic components:

1. Small, lightweight, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly

2. High speed, high frequency, high precision

3. Product diversification and high-cost performance

4. Higher security and reliability

5. Sensing technology

6. Machine-electricity-pneumatic integration/Intelligence

Disadvantages of pneumatic components:

1. Due to the compressibility of air, the action speed of the cylinder is easily changed by the change of the load. The gas-liquid linkage method can overcome this defect.

2. When the cylinder is moving at a low speed, the low-speed stability of the cylinder is not as good as that of the hydraulic cylinder due to the large proportion of the friction force in the thrust.

3. Although the output force of the cylinder can meet the working requirements in many applications, its output force is smaller than that of the hydraulic cylinder.

Well-known brands of pneumatic components mainly include:


Korea: Korea PMC Company, Korea YSC Pneumatic, SANG-A Connector, Hose

United States: Honeywell HONEYWELL, MAC pneumatic, ROSS pneumatic components, ASCO pneumatic, ACE pneumatic, CPC pneumatic

Germany: Festo FESTO, BURKERT, REXROTH, GSR high-pressure solenoid valve

UK: Norgren NORGREN Pneumatic, Spirax Sarco, Continental

France: Legris (LEGRIS) joints, hoses, valves, etc.

Taiwan: Airtac, MINDMAN, SHAKO

Italy: ODE solenoid valve, GEFRAN

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