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Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Manifold

4V Series Pneumatic Directional Solenoid Valves Manifold

4V series pneumaic valve Manifold is suitable for operating double or single acting cylinders in pneumatic control system. The numbers of the solenoid valves can be customized. They are 4V100, 4V210, 4V310 and 4V410 etc. The ports size can be from M5 to 1/2”. The solenoid-operated valves can be mounted in line. The pilot valve is supplied with manual override and connector as standard.


1) The protection grade for this series solenoid valve is IP65.

2) Different voltages are available for coils.

3) Pressure unit: 1kgf/cm2=1bar=0.1MPa=100KPa=14.5psi

4) Lead wire type is available, please remind when you order.

5) Different thread types can be offered according to customers’ requirements, e.g.: PT, NPT etc.

Media Compressed air
Applicable pressure range 0.15~0.85Mpa
Proof pressure 1.2Mpa
Ambient and fluid temperature -5~60°C
Material of body Aluminum alloy
Standard voltage DC12V,DC24V,AC24V,AC110V,AC220V,AC380V
Power consumption AC220V 2.0W
DC12V,AC110V,AC380V 2.5W
DC24V 3.0W
AC24V 3.5W
Allowable voltage range -15%~10%
IP rate IP65
Insulation rate Class F
Action Internally piloted
Min. activate time 0.05 s
Lubrication Needless
4v pneumatic directional solenoid valve 5 way 3 positions 2 positions

4v pneumatic directional solenoid valve 5 way 3 positions 2 positions

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