brass electric motorized ball valve 004

Electric Motorized Ball Valve

The Electric Motorized Ball Valve is a cutting-edge solution for automated fluid control. With its integrated electric motor, this valve offers precise and reliable operation, allowing you to regulate the flow of liquids or gases with ease. The motorized functionality enables remote control and automation, making it ideal for applications in industrial processes, HVAC systems, irrigation systems, and more. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the AIRKERT Motorized Ball Valve for seamless fluid management.

Body material: SS304 / SS316 / Brass / UPVC
Pressure:1-10 bar, 1.0 MPa
Orifice: DN8 to DN32
Pipe size: 1/8”-1”
Fluid Media: Water, Hot Water.

Stainless Steel / Brass Electric Motorized Ball Valves

CWX-15N stainless steel brass  BSP NPT motorized flow control valve 12V electric actuator ball valve 12v 24v 110v 220v

1, Metal gearbox and POM gear design, low noise, perform reliably.

2, Long service life: more than 100000 circles.

3, Electric limit and machinery limit design, located accurately, avoid gear run continuously.

4, Mufti-angle assembling, easy to install.

5, Float ball structure, no leakage, especially suitable for heavy pollution conditions.

Working Medium Water, Hot Water
Operation Electric Motor Operation
Acting Type Ball Valve
Add On Manual Override, Indicator
Orifice DN8 to DN32
Port Size 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2″  3/4" 1"
Operation Fluid Viscosity 20 CST Below
Operating Pressure 0 - 10 Bar
Max. Pressure Resistance 10 bar
Operating Temperature PTFE for -5~180℃
Voltage Range ±10%
Material of Body SS304 SS316 Brass
Material of Oil Seal PTFE