K25JD Solenoid Valve

K23JD / K25JD Solenoid Valve Cut-off Solenoid Valve

The K23JD solenoid valve and K25JD solenoid valves series 3/2 and 5/2 pilot cutoff type solenoid valves are our newly products. The structure is very simple. The valve body material is Aluminum. They are playing an important roles in anti dust systems.


1.5/2 way 
2.Certificate: ISO9001:2008 and CE approved

Working pressure: 0.15-0.8Mpa
Reversal time: ≤0.1s

Environment Temperature: -10~55degree
Medium temperature: 0-55degree
Useful Life: ≥1500,000
Power voltage AC:220V,110V,36V, DC:24V,12V

K25JD-10 K24JD-15 K25JD-20 K25JD-25